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Assalamu Alaikum

July 24, 2006

Welcome to RUMInation! What does RUMInation mean, and why is RUMI capitalized? RUMInation means contemplation, because the objective of this blog is the contemplation upon the magnificence of God, through his final religion Islam and it’s science of the spirit Sufism.

RUMI is capitalized because it is the name of one of the great saints and sages of Islam and Sufism, the Knower and Friend of Allah Jalal ad-Din ar-Rumi, who wrote the mathnawi, a 25,000 verse book of poetry. It’s funny to note that Rumi is also the best selling poet in the west…Though, usually in the new age/spirituality section. Not denying his poetry is of the highest form of spirituality, I believe he has been severely misrepresented by most of his translators. Had Rumi seen them he would have been furious, because he is one of the poles of grasping upon Islam and it’s legal law, the shari’a.

Capitalizing RUMI signifies that him and his way is that of contemplation, not to mention I am a great lover of his poetry.

Personally, my spiritual path is the Shadhilli path, under the guidance of the great American Sheikh Nuh Keller in Amman, Jordan. He has mentioned that Rumi’s Mevlawi path is one of the most similar to ours, being a path of focus upon great love, gratitude and gnosis.

May Allah join us with them in the highest of heights. Ameen